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03-09-2011, 04:13 AM

I just saw her video u recorded for black tgirls so I know she can do the creu dance very well. If you ever record her again here, I expect to see naked creu (without holding cock)

I don't really know why you did not ask her to do it naked for the black tgirls site, I guess since it's not Brazilian u didn't really care, but if she comes on Brazilian again we need naked creu from her.

If girls can't do the dance I understand, BUT...

If they DO know how to do the dance and you guys don't record it naked, that means u guys simply are not listening and do not really care and that you do not deserve my $30 a month. So please let's make sure that u guys are recording the girls who know how.

FOR EXAMPLE: Jessica Ninfeta

Jessica Ninfeta knows how to shake her ass good. But in latest update of her was there footage of her shaking her ass naked? NO. Why is this? After asking so many times, there is really no excuse.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Samantha Ferraz

Samantha knows how to shake her ass very good too. But in the latest update, did they record her shaking it naked? NO. why??????

So u see, what gets me MOST upset is when u guys recorded girls that CAN shake ass good but u don't record it naked. This is what I truly don't understand.

Again, I AM NOT TALKing ABOuT giRls who DONt KnoW how.

I AM TALKinG ABoUt giRLs that DO KnOW HOw TO SHAKE IT but you guys don't record it naked.

THAT is what i do not understand

Is this making any sense???