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ast123 06-03-2010 01:23 AM

Open Letter Request to Louie Damazo from New Fan!
Hello Louie,

Let me start by saying this site has so much content which is awesome. You really get your money's worth. My request may sound a little silly but I'm serious, and maybe if enough people agree we can make it happen. You are probably already aware of this but in Brazil there is a sexy dance thats pretty popular called the "Dança do Creu" where the girls really shake their butts up and down like crazy. It drives all the guys wild! Here is a link to it on youtube, I hope that is allowed here:

If you have to delete the can just search for "Dança do Créu - Gaiola das Popuzudas (FUNK) HQ" in the Youtube search bar

I decided to look around on various websites and see if there were any videos of shemales doing this and so far I have found none! Since you are the main guy who knows brazilian trannies, I was wondering, (actually begging!) if you might film a couple of brazilian shemales doing this dance if they know how.

Perhaps once they take their panties off you can ask them if they know how to do it? It would only take a few seconds like maybe 15-20 seconds of them doing this...i'm just throwing ideas out there.

This is your site and I respect what you do and you are great at it. I know i am a noob to this and I know this post may seem odd but man I just love seeing girls dance like that and seeing a transsexual do it naked would be unbelievable:cool: so I had to ask. never hurts to try. Brazilian shemales have the BEST asses imho, man i crave to see them "make it clap!" lol

sometimes it can be such a tease to have a huge tranny ass in your face and you want to see it bounce up and down and see those big ass cheeks clap...but instead of shaking it... they just sit down and start masturbating! :( it's happened to me soooooo many times. Maybe it's just me...but i know brazilian girls are excellent dancers, and im sure brazilian shemales are as well.

I just wanted to hear your thoughts on this idea?? I know this was a long winded letter, I wanted to get it all out there. There are a lot of videos on the site and I may have overlooked some that already have the girls dancing like this, if so please forgive me! (and point me to them!) :)


Louie Damazo 06-05-2010 07:45 PM

ha nice

when danca do creu start frank (Frank's TGirl World) was in Brasil and was crazy seeing the ggs dancing it

its nice. ll see what i can do (no music of course) but why not the dance for our videos???/

ll keep u informed

thanks for feedbacks and nice ideas, thats what we need for always keep u guyss happy

ast123 06-13-2010 06:22 PM

I know personally that Suzy Valenca has great ass shaking skills and loves to show them off:) Perhaps if you guys get her back for another video you can ask her to bounce it up and down and you will see what i am talking about:p

Louie Damazo 06-14-2010 08:51 PM

Suzy is a nice model and good idea for reshot

We ll have a soccer update tonight with 5 awesome t-girls and a surprising return

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