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Originally Posted by Louie Damazo View Post
I want UNEXPECTED scenes here, pairings totally crazy ll surprise u all

Its great have ts as Carla Novaes , Rosy Pinheiro and others but i need get new talents and , in my opinion , those 2 are amazing
That is great to hear that you want unexpected scenes.&.pairings on here to surprise us all. and this week's TS on TS Update fits into that category because it was unexpected and surprised your subscribers. and turned out to be a positively smashing scene.and completely agree that it is great to have Beautiful.&.Talented TGirls such as Carla Novaes, Rosy Pinheiro and others and understand that you need to get new talents. once again agree that Carla Novaes and Rosy Pinheiro are amazing. Thanks again for the Superb Update and taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it and keep up the superb work and those awesome updates coming Louie my friend.

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