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Default Nicole Lacerda-Thay Jordana Update.

Phenomenal TGirl on TGirl Bareback Scene for starring Nicole Lacerda and Thay Jordana and a marvelous pairing as well. It is awesome to see Nicole back looking absolutely gorgeous in a black and beige lingerie outfit,panties and black red bottom heels. and Thay back as well looking very sexy in a black and beige lingerie outfit,panties,fishnet stockings and black and silver sandals. I loved the way scene began with them caressing each other and making their way over to the bed kissing each other. with Thay riding Nicole's very big girlcock in reverse cowgirl position for the first part of the scene. and Nicole topping Thay in spooning and missionary positions for the second part of the scene,and shooting her nectar in Thay's mouth to end the scene. Nicole Lacerda and Thay Jordana's performances were magnificent and erotic. thanks for the phenomenal scene and introducing your fanbase to these Attractive.&.Talented TGirls. looking forward to seeing more of Nicole Lacerda as a Full Top. and Thay Jordana in TGirl on TGirl Action as a Full Bottom. Keep up the superb work and those spectacular updates coming Louie my friend.
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